Our professional frames stylists and optometrists are here to ensure you choose the right frame for you. We help you select the frames that suit your individual personality, appearance and lifestyle and to ensure that your glasses fit comfortably providing you with the clearest vision possible. We will assist you in your selection process and give you a chance to express your individuality.

Our product range includes a varied selection of spectacle frames to cater for all tastes and budgets.

These include 3-piece rimless frames, titanium super lightweight frames, acetate or plastic shells, nylon-semi, stainless steel and other metal frames.

We have many designer brands such as Fendi, Ray Ban, Jono Hennesey, Versace, Vogue, Diesel, Jil Sanders, John Varvatos, Carter Bond, Oroton, Gant, Wayne Cooper, Nautica to name a few.

We are continuously changing styles and designs to keep up with trend the latest looks. We offer great value eyewear at affordable prices at the best quality.

General guidelines in choosing frames

Eye Position - Your eyes should be centred within the lens openings, regardless of frame shape.

Width - Choose frames that are wide enough so there is slight clearance between the frames and the sides of your head. If frames feel too tight or loose, they can feel very uncomfortable after several hours of wear.

Brow - Let your eyebrows define the top of your frames; the top of the frames should follow your natural brow line. Darker or thicker or darker frames can balance thick eyebrows.

Proportion - Select frames in proportion to your body size and weight. Thin and delicate frames accentuate slender figures, and thicker frames balance well with fuller figures.

Lenses - Thinner, lighter, reflection-free lenses are premium choices, but may come at extra costs. High-index plastic lenses and anti-reflective coatings make for a flattering appearance.

And remember to drop in any time for a professional fitting of your glasses, if they need adjusting or tightening or re-positioning to your face.

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