Optical Lenses

It's important to have lenses that help you see clearly, look great and are easy to wear. There are many different lenses available today with different options and performance.

A number of additional factors can influence the overall thickness, weight, and optical performance of your eyeglass lenses.

Some of these factors include the centre thickness of the lens, the edge thickness of the lens, the lens design, and the size and shape of the frames you select.

Our Optometrists, dispensers and lens practitioners takes care of all this for you so you can be rest assured we will select the best lens for your frames and for your vision.

We have highly trained Optical professionals who will help and advise you on the best lens design to meet your vision and eye health requirements.

Additionally we ensure that we measure and position the lenses in your frames so you are seeing the most optically pure vision possible.

Spectacle lenses will vary on their ability to reduce glare, resist scratches, protect against UV rays.

Spectacle lenses comes in a variety of different materials which can make them 30-45% thinner and lighter and cosmetically look much better and are much more comfortable to wear.

With everyday wear your spectacles lenses can scratch reducing the quality of your vision. Spectacle lenses can be coated with an anti-reflective multi protective coating that helps your lenses last longer, provide clearer vision and make your eyewear look better.

Anti reflective multi-coated lenses provide the lens with the following:

• Reduces reflections from
• fluorescent lights
• glare from computer screens
• glare of lights and headlights whilst night driving
• Provides better quality and clearer vision
• Cosmetically improving your eyewear look


Single Vision Lenses
• These lenses are suitable for near, far or intermediary distances, making them perfect for every situation. Bi-focal Lenses • Bi-focal lenses offer two fields of vision – distance and near, with no correction for the intermediate distance. The lenses are sectioned into two distinct parts. The top part of the lens lets you see distant objects, whilst the bottom section allows viewing of close objects and reading.

Progressives / Multifocals
• These revolutionary digitally formed lenses are customised for your prescription. With a continuous, gradual change from distance to intermediate to near vision, you get the best of both worlds, from the one set of lens. • These progressive/ multifocal lenses can provide a contemporary, no-line look.

Just because you have high to medium strength prescription, doesn’t mean you should have to wear coke-bottle glasses. That’s why our Hi-Index lenses are thinner and lighter than standard lenses, and are ideal for strong prescriptions. They are • Lightweight – they’re made from a lighter lens material, up to 27% lighter than ordinary plastic lenses, so more comfortable.
• Safer – they’re more impact-resistant than ordinary plastic lenses, reducing the risk of them breaking. They have built in UV protection to screen out 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.
• Thinner – they’re far less noticeable for a more natural look.

Although glass lenses are less commonly available, we do have access to optical labs where we can prescribe most glass lenses.

Transition Lenses
Transition lenses have the ability to tint darker automatically according to the light level that activates in the sunlight. These lenses are virtually clear whilst you are indoors. When you are outdoors they darken to appear like sunglasses when exposed to the sun.

This helps reduce the effects of glare in your vision. Transition lenses

• Automatically tint depending on the level of sunlight
• Reduce the effects of glare
• Quick reaction time
• Provide 100% UV protection

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